Etnobotanika | Fruwajacy Przestepca


fruwajacy przestepca

Label: Superkasety
Cat No: SPRKV001/TVPCLP003

Status: Landed

Ambient Deep House Downtempo Etnobotanika LP Superkaset Techno


Lesny Jazz

Natura 2000

Mily Wieczor



Ostatni Lot

Fruwajacy Przestepca

Saturn Zimnem


Licze Marki

Swieta Gora


Zakonczenie Programu

Tasty album project from Poland!… Superkasety (new label from DJ Duch) and The Very Polish Cut Outs join forces to release the stunning debut album from ETNOBOTANIKA - a duo of producers from Ruda Slaska - one of the most exciting new acts on the Polish electronic music scene.

Their eyes and ears are turned to the hauntological scraps of the past - fragments of old Polish movies, communist era TV series, excerpts from half-forgotten Polish songs.

With their LP the duo takes listeners on a musical journey which goes far beyond the lush land of nostalgia and explores brand new territories of house, trip-hop and ambient music. What stands out is a completely different approach to sampling techniques and combining beat-maker practices with instruments and the sound of contemporary electronic music.