DJ Stefan Egger | Sound Station EP - Expected Feb

DJ Stefan Egger

sound station ep - expected feb


African Project – Karmagghia

Cosmic Project – Arena Shamen

Stefan Egger / Tim lorenz – Indian Love

Stefan Egger / Tim Lorenz – Karmapas


The Garda Lake in the early 80ies is possibly not be the first place which pops up, when it comes to pivotal moments for European dance & club culture. Whilst most of Europe was dancing to more and more commercialized disco music, a handful of north Italian DJs were trying to find an alternative form of dance music embracing a spiritual and natural sound. Forward thinking club residents like DJ Mozart, DJ Rubens, Daniele Baldelli, Ebreo, Pery and Beppe Loda fused African and Brazilian music, Reggae, Ragga and Bhangra with Kraut-Rock, space disco, US funk or British new wave b-sides with a carefree and partly odd approach into their so-called “Afro/Cosmic Sound”. Records were sped up or slowed down massively to create a slow-paced trancey journey somewhere between 90 and 110 beats per minute.After years of djing Stefan Egger founded his own label and here four fully licensed and re-mastered tracks taken from his  early output  A-Side contains two almost unknown mid-tempo bangers, the B-Side pays attention to Stefan’s more spiritual and world-inspired productions. Most interesting and rare sounds.