DJ 3000 | Pite EP

DJ 3000

pite ep

Label: Motech
Cat No: MT171

Status: Landed

12" DJ 3000 Motech Techno



Red + Black



Detroit / Balkan vibed techno with string house feels.

The second of four vinyl release from DJ 3000’s “Mezë’ album continues …as close to classic House as DJ 3000 gets, 'Red & Black' is a heartfelt homage to Franki Juncaj's Albanian heritage, evident not only in its title, which echoes the national colours, but also in the seamless integration of traditional Balkan instruments. 'Ishalla' hints at the influence and inspiration drawn from Middle Eastern and Balkan musical traditions. Bringing this EP to a poignant close is 'Dua' a title derived from Albanian, signifying "I want," adding a meaningful linguistic layer to this captivating musical journey.