Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi | Alloteva

Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi






Time Is Plastic

Since first joining forces in the studio at the dawn of the 2000s, Danielle Baldelli and Marco Dionigi have released countless collaborative singles and albums, each showcasing distinctively different take on the “cosmic sound” that Baldelli did more than anyone else to define in the early 1980s.

Alloteva marks the pair's first joint release for Leng Records, and Baldelli's return to the label following last year's acclaimed full-length collaboration with Marco Fratty, Oil Painting. It boasts a quartet of cuts that further refine the pair's now-familiar joint style, which combines elements of dub disco, space rock, Italo-disco, funk and Afro-cosmic (another style which Baldelli arguably created via his DJ sets at the legendary Cosmic Club).