Cos / Daniel Schell & Dick Annegarn | Mein Maschine Ist Schon / The Ff Boom

Cos / Daniel Schell & Dick Annegarn

mein maschine ist schon / the ff boom


Cos - Mein Maschine Ist Schon

Daniel Schell - The Ff Boom


Psch-y synth 7"....From the same continental cosmic egg that hatched Marc Moulin, Marc Hollander and Belgian synth-fusion combo Placebo comes your favourite new Franco-Flemmish pop discovery..Placing the microscope over the central motif of the bands onomatopoeic 1978 triptych known as Mein Maschine Ist Schön (My Machine Is Beautiful) this very rare proposed single edit from the group’s third album - backed here with another deeply conceptual sliced of deep orchestral symphonic psych from Schell’s short-lived FF Boom project from the previous year.
This limited edition 7” (500 only) precedes the release of a double LP compilation COS Mix in the summer.