Connective Zone | Qwerty EP

Connective Zone

qwerty ep

Label: Delsin
Cat No: DSR/X22

Status: Landed

12" Connective Zone Delsin Techno





Sea Breeza 

Tip! ... Long awaited reissue of Connective Zone's Qwerty EP. Originally released in 2002 on Emoticon, the deep electronica sister label of Headspace Recordings. Fully re-mastered for a fresh 2021 pressing. Connective Zone, aka Lincoln-based duo Graham Sims and Simon Button, have been making their unique brand of deep techno for many years. Warm strings, thick chords, multi-layered synth melodies and crisp beats are the order of the day, with influences coming from early Detroit techno and 'artificial intelligence' era UK electronics. All four tracks pack a soulful punch, drawing from the past but allowing their individual sound to shine through. Rhythmically they range from straight-up 4/4 beats to more syncopated patterns and are sure to find favour with more adventurous DJs as well as home listeners.