Carl Finlow / Silicon Scally / Voice Stealer | A Selection Of Works Part 1

Carl Finlow / Silicon Scally / Voice Stealer

a selection of works part 1


Carl Finlow - Count On It

Silicon Scally - Dark Matter

Silicon Scally - Moonax

Voice Stealer - Unintensiona

Silicon Scally - Deep Dissolve

Silicon Scally - Auton

Silicon Scally - Pace

Carl Finlow - Wafer Thin

Repressed! Part 1 compiling past works from Carl Finlow , something of a cult hero in the British electronic underground, having turned his hand to many aliases and styles without pandering to hype, and that's surely why the discerning For Those That Knoe label have deemed him worthy of a showcase release. His works as Silicon Scally are a particular highlight, channeling the seediest streams of Detroit electro and injecting a little of that UK verve and swagger into the mix, with invariably stunning results.