Carl Finlow / Silicon Scally / Voice Stealer | A Selection Of Works Part 2

Carl Finlow / Silicon Scally / Voice Stealer

a selection of works part 2


Carl Finlow - Islands

Carl Finlow - Conflict

Voice Stealer - Undercover

Silicon Scally - Moment

Carl Finlow - Equilibrium

Carl Finlow - Texture Map

Voice Stealer - Evaluation

Carl Finlow - Endgame

Repressed! Part 2 compiling past works from the legend Carl Finlow ..warmth and a sense of fun that so much slickly produced techno and electro misses. For Those That Knoe are doing the right thing in gathering together some choice cuts from over the years - the Voice Stealer jams in particular stand out with their miscreant tones and overall uneasy atmosphere tapping into the malaise of the darker Drexciya-related output. There are all shades of electro to be enjoyed on here though, and hopefully it'll place Finlow on the radar for a few more heads.