Captain Mustache | Tourbillon Nocturne

Captain Mustache

tourbillon nocturne


I Like To Program (feat K-1 From AUX 88)

The Mirror (feat Dave Clarke)

Super Shaver

Confinement (feat DynArec)

Super Great Song

La Verite Des Songes

ABRIL (feat Hiroki Esashika)

Sunset Caramel

Fine Lame

I Like To Program (feat K-1 From AUX 88 - Cignol remix)

Pretty mad older head electro line up, the music is good! Ranging from electro to indie infused electro clash, his talent is varied and shines true with this brand new album. With already stellar productions, some of electronic music's heroes are featured as collaborators or vocalists including the legendary K-1 of AUX 88, Dave Clarke, dynArec, and Hiroki Esashika.