Callisto | Guidance Is Internal: Part 1


guidance is internal: part 1

Label: Guidance
Cat No: GDRLP614PT1

Status: Landed

2xLP Callisto Compilation Deep House Guidance US House



Can't Wait


The Power

Never Again


Jungle I

Need Ur Love (Stalagmite Mix)

A comp to celebrate one of the most idiosyncratic artists from the second wave of US house music producers, a truly essential body of work presented here respectfully, sourced from all audio sources.. Boston's Dana Kelley aka Callisto is a man whose music has long been the subject of much deserved adulation. A student of the deep and soulful, an explorer of the melodic and galactic, and an artist who manages to capture imaginations with his supremely crafted sonics. He is a much missed artist, someone who departed the physical too early, but the body of work he left behind has spoken to generations of listeners, DJ's and fans in equal measure.