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Brownout & Jungle Fire

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Brownout - Flaximus (Renegades Of Jazz Bboy Edit) 

Junglefire - Comencemos (Renegades Of Jazz Remix) 


More beats heat from this 7" label. Two remixes by German DJ and producer Renegades Of Jazz for Afro-latin Funk bands Brownout and Jungle Fire. Brownout's remix was first released in 2013 via Paris DJs on a very limited run of 45s and quickly became very sought after. By painstakingly cutting every instrument's individual notes, increasing the tempo and adding in a punchy breakbeat at the end, heturned "Flaximus" into an up-tempo dancefloor hit. "Comencemos" on the flip is a cover version of Fela Kuti's song "Let's Start". Afrofunk elements added to the Jungle Fire version and builds a bridge with the additional elements (previously unreleased )