Brother Resistance | Rapso Take Over

Brother Resistance

rapso take over


Star Warz Rapso 

Wars In Space (dub) 

Dancin Shoes Rapso 

Ring De Bell (part 1) 

Children Of Soweto 

Rapso Take Over 

Fully Remastered 2021 Repress.

Originally released in 1986, Brother Resistance's Rapso Take Over blends calypso, reggae, disco, funk and poetry to create the artist’s signature Rapso sound.

A progressive form of poetry from Trinidad and Tobago, Rapso emerged as a means by which to articulate the daily suffering symptomatic of the social unrest afflicting the nation throughout the 1970s and 80s. Brother Resistance played a significant role in the Rapso movement, deploying his music to spread messages of hope and liberation.