Brian Owens & The Royal Five | Sparrow / Cool Cool Water

Brian Owens & The Royal Five

sparrow / cool cool water


Brian Owens - Sparrow

Master Dego & Kaidi - Sparrow (remix)

Dego & Kaidi - Sparrow (instrumental remix)

Brian Owens - (Justice Runs Down Like) Cool Cool Water

Cool Water (Soulsupreme remix)

Sohan Wilson - "Sparrow Remix

Back in....Expensive but quality real soulful package - check the Dego & Kaidi mix...

Brian Owens is a soul singer, a writer and a dedicated community activist from Illinois, USA. Visions HQ fell in love with his album” Love came down” from 2019 and now license these two soul gems and give them a new life on a proper 2x 12” with a new mastering and some great remixes from the likes of Kaidi and Dego, Soul Supreme and Sohan Wilson.

These new versions are wonderful and kept the essence of Brian’s music but what is amazing too is to have the original versions on one side for maximum quality and loudness play. This is music, pure new soul with the respect of the tradition of the 70’s soul music that we love.

The first edition with full sleeve designed by Angelo Benedetto is limited to 300 copies only.