Bruxas | Muscle Memory


muscle memory

Label: Dekmantel
Cat No: DKMNTL086

Status: Landed

12" Braxas Dekmantel Nu Disco


Muscle Memory

Red Pillows



Cogelo, Rapido

Mountain Cruise


Crazy Spacey

Salt Water Pool

Dutch psych-musicians Jacco Gardner and Nic Mauskovic create a new take on no-wave, post-disco with their debut LP as Bruxas... Immersing themselves in a world of bohemian synth, the duo experiment with vintage machines and cosmic effects, swimming in rhythmic grooves and psychedelic tones. It’s a style that reflects their respective musical backgrounds, and long partnership, one in which that has strengthened their collaborative, musical muscle memory. After playing together in the revival tour for Zamrock band WITCH, Gardner and Mauskovic struck up a partnership centred around poolside antics, cocktail hours, and a mutual love for late-60s, German kosmische musik.