Bobby Snacks | Drum Chums Vol.7

Bobby Snacks

drum chums vol.7

Label: Drum Chums
Cat No: TD-CHUMS007

Status: Landed

12" Balearic Bobby Snacks Disco Drum Chums


Picking Up

Wipe Y'hands (Xxxtra Chant Version)

Slippy Energy

Shaky Boys

Drum Edit fun….007

‌“Drum Chums is back with the Snack Attack!

For the uninitiated, our Bobby is a man of true culture. Look for a sun-kissed cafe on Stockport's cobbles and you might just find him, sat back in a string vest and shades, coiffing a natural wine and cracking the wisest. Or else deep in the pound bins and car boots of the North West, calmly cutting through the AOR ocean to find the next Yacht Rock gem. And when Snacks snatches the scalpel, he's a wizard, a true star. So dig into this debut delight to find anthemic soft-rock, swooning Balearic, fizzy cosmic and the greatest left-field club track we've ever heard.

Bobby opens his account with the yearning Yacht boogie of 'Picking Up', a timeless tune which sounds a little like a Doobie Brother doing devotionals over a fist pumping rhythm box.

Snacks slows the pace a touch for the shoulder-rolling sway of 'Wipe Y'Hands (XXXtra Chant Version)', a sultry slice of Balearic disco replete

Flip the pancake and prepare for genius as Bobby Snacks manipulates a sample like a deep house Dilla, arranging swelling strings, hand percussion and Linn drums into a living, breathing, sacred rhythm, before taking the whole club west into ecstatic uncharted territories.

Last, but by no means least, he gets narcotic, slowing sugary synth-disco into a suitably sleazy cruise through the cosmos called 'Shaky Boys'“.