Blue Dream | Trip To LA

Blue Dream

trip to la


I Wanna Go Home

The Kiss

You Want Me Back

Lonnies Street

Sandwich Dub

Taking It To The Top

Blue Moon


I Wanted To See You

Trip To LA

Andy Compton (Rurals) latest long player, a collaboration with LA artists Irantzu Pujadas and Brad Kent. Aptly titled: 'A Trip To LA' the album is a deliciously louche and laidback twelve tracker of pure LA heat. The project began as many great ones do, without a plan. Visiting Brad's studio to check out his huge vintage analogue synth collection in search of new sounds for The Rurals, they got to thinking...and jamming. With Brad on the dusty old drum machines, Irantzu on the microphone and Andy in synthesiser heaven, Blue Dream was born. A lush full listenning experience mid tempo house, deep boogie and dub touches.