B:dum B:dum Sound | Dubplate #2: Do/Don't - Expected 2021

B:dum B:dum Sound

dubplate #2: do/don't - expected 2021

Label: Mysticisms
Cat No: MYD002

Status: Inbound

12" B:dum B:dum Sound Dub Mysticisms



Pablo's Dog



London's Mysticisms imprint reissues a 1993 release by enigmatic Manchester quartet B:dum B:dum Sound. Merging their backgrounds in post-punk through dub and their city's vibrant dance scene, their sole 12" (originally funded by the Bolton Art Council) incorporates samples, sound design and middle eastern influences on what is now a cherished item among diggers and earning exorbitant amounts on the secondhand market. From the bass-driven exotic enchantment of 'Istanbul', they take a slow-mo version of bleep and mix it with dub techno on the mesmerising groove of 'Stateless' (which was well ahead of its time) as well as the deep dub of 'Do Don'ts' providing perfect armchair riddims.