Arthur Russell | Calling Out Of Context

Arthur Russell

calling out of context


The Deer In The Forest Part 1

The Platform On The Ocean

You And Me Both

Calling Out Of Context

Arms Around You

That's Us/Wild Combination

Make 1, 2

Hop On Down

Get Around To It

I Like You!

You Can Make Me Feel Bad

Calling All Kids (Walter Gibbons Remix)

2022 Repress.

The now-classic album that started the renaissance, now with four page insert. ‘Calling Out Of Context’ features 12 previously unreleased tracks of Buddhist Bubblegum Disco Electro Pop, including the anthemic ‘That's Us/Wild Combination’, ‘The platform on the ocean’, ‘Make 1, 2’ and ‘Arm around you’, all recorded during Arthur's prime years 1985-90. Collaborators include Mustafa Ahmed, Walter Gibbons, Steven Hall, Jennifer Warnes and Peter Zummo. 30 years have passed since Arthur Russell left us, in relative obscurity. Yet his work - as composer, songwriter and dance music innovator - is better known now than ever before.