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Alex Kassian

strings of eden


Strings of Eden

Strings of Eden (Garden Mix) ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

Passing Clouds

Kassian returns after his previous EP being one of the best records in recent memory.

On side A, we have the EP’s title track; a lush reimagining of the original (from his previous ep), which lives up to its ‘Strings’ moniker, but still has enough percussive oomph to get feet moving on the dance floor.

On the B-side, we have ‘Strings of Eden (Garden Mix) ft: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’. This one foregoes any backbeat and lays the strings on even heavier, utilizing the talents of Los Angeles’ Atwood-Ferguson, who is renowned for his kaleidoscopic string arrangements in the jazz, classical and experimental genres.

The EP closes out with a new offering: The gorgeous, airy, cinematic ‘Passing Clouds’. One pressing only of this, 1200 copies which is a lot nowadays but his previous 12" has no doubt done much more than that so don't sleep.