Afrobuddha | Obame / Zone


obame / zone

Label: Mysticisms
Cat No: MYS012

Status: Landed

12" Afrobeat Afrobuddha Deep House Mysticisms



Obame (dub mix)


Zone (Drum mix)

Back in....Mysticisms with the archival recordings of London based Japanese duo, Afrobuddha to present their highly sought music to date, in Obame and Zone, (2011/2013)on one EP. Won't sound like too much at first but these are special ..Totally mesmerising can see why people been paying silly money for these... Combining traditional drumming with flutes, xylophone and folkloric chants, Suzuki and Sakai's art and philosophy of rhythm via house, disco, afrobeat and reggae, underpins this offering to stunning effect.