A Vision of Panorama | Unique Tiger

A Vision of Panorama

unique tiger

Label: Mellophonia
Cat No: MLPH13LP

Status: Landed

A Vision of Panorama Balearic LP Mellophonia



Chords For Gourmets 


The Light 

Inside The Sound 

Unique Tiger 

Seventh Month 

Interlude Two 

Tiger's Outro

After the blissful sounds of the Sentimental Coast EP and Follow The Melody last year, Mikhail Khvasko returns with his third full-length, this time on Mellophonia. If you already dig the Panorama sound, you know what to expect. Plush, symphonic synth tapestries dripping with good vibes and accomplished musicality. You might get the odd dash of sultry sax, as on album highlight 'The Light', but primarily this is a place to revel in Khvasko's illustrious, feel-good keys.