A Strange Wedding / Datasal / 84PC / Iro Aka | AVI 001 (feat Khidja Remix) - Expected 2022

A Strange Wedding / Datasal / 84PC / Iro Aka

avi 001 (feat khidja remix) - expected 2022


A Strange Wedding - The Proposal

Datasal - En Till En

84PC - Goliath's Wrath (Khidja Remix)

Iro Aka - First Dance On The Ice Floor

Heavy but bright chugging tripped out electronic house sounds lower tempos Khidja on the remix with a building intense simmering movement. From the label "A simple idea in an over complicated moment. Strip away aesthetics and be artist centric, sharing and explore collisions, sounds and genres. Step out of comfort zones to release a series of EPs of broad, challenging and deep music”.