A Mountain Of One | Ricardo Villalobos Reimagines: Stars Planets Dust Me

A Mountain Of One

ricardo villalobos reimagines: stars planets dust me


Star (Ricardo Villalobos Master)

Custard Last Stand (AMO1 Ambient version - Ricardo Villalobos Master)

Make My Love Grow (Ricardo Villalobos mix Down)

Black Apple Pink Apple (Ricardo Villalobos remix)

Make My Love Grow (Ricardo Villalobos Make My Love Groove remix)

Softlanding (Ricardo Villalobos remix)

Dealer (Ricardo Villalobos remix)

A Mountain of One completely reimagined by Ricardo Villalobos.

Villalobos explains, “In my scientific search for some electroacoustic musical landscapes, the offer of remixing ‘Black Apple Pink Apple’ was just perfect for me… In general, the song writing is so very good and particular, with all the instruments played into a sequencer, so it was very inspiring to strip down these pop songs into my dubby extensions, taking only the drums, bass, and vocals of the song.” Expanding further, “After delivering the first remix, Mo and myself came up with the idea of reimagining the whole album in a new way, mixed simple with other ears and my inspirations, with a new and different point of view of what instruments are important to hold the song to bare itself.”


It says a lot, and somehow captures the essence of Ricardo’s approach to music (and life), that one remix soon evolved into a whole plethora of reimagined works, driven by a creative slipstream and a clear connection to the songs.