Various | Percussion Pals Vol.1




DJ Poufsouffle - Totally Manic

Spice Route - Gruler Dub

Neil Diablo - Starry Night

Hysteric - Pinball

The excellent Drum Chums with a Various project - all 4 tracks storng and varied here...

Debuts abound on the A-side, first via international man of mystery DJ Poufsouffle and his Balea-rock disco stomper "Totally Manic". Brimming with Flash & The Pan style pub-rock wonk this one boasts a growling vocal, sparkling keys and an uplifting chorus which doesn't quite break the spell of extreme silliness.
On the A2, Bristol's Spice Route rescue a nebulous reggae gem from Library obscurity, swinging the scalpel and working the desk to turn out an unstoppable infectious chugger - love this.

The B1 brings the return of Drum Chum extraordinaire Neil Diablo, who follows the Balearic brilliance of his last label outing with a cosmic caper into pure oddball pop - boasts some serious bass weight in the later stages - you have been warned.
Then Australian Italo wizard Hysteric, who brings the curtain down in utterly emotional fashion via AOR disco dream "Pinball". A steady beat, infectious bassline and glistening chords play host to a swooning vocal, which reminds us to go with the flow and follow fun at all times.
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Drum Chums

Tags: 12", Aor, Dj poufsouffle, Drum chums, Hysteric, Neil diablo, Nu disco, Presale, Spice route

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